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Reasons To Use Google Docs For Educators Professional Development Reasons To Use Google Docs For Educators Professional Development March 14 Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Online , 2016 | Author: Mattie Knight | Posted in Education
Google Docs or simply Gdocs has been one of the top cloud storage applications in the world because of the wonderful features that it offers. In the field of education, this application has definitely been widely used because due to the nature of the work of educators, this type of application is just perfect. Here are some of the reasons to use google docs for educators professional development.

Now education and teaching as a whole emphasizes a lot on collaboration with other teachers because there are times when two or more teachers will be working hand in hand with a certain project. In the olden days, teachers would usually create a Microsoft Word file, create a draft, then send it to their colleague and then vice versa until the document is finished. With this application, it is possible to actually work on the same project at the same time to save time on sending files back and forth.

Of course there are going to be meetings almost all of the time and it is very common for colleagues to share notes with each other. To make things easier, Gdocs offers a way for one to share files easily by just providing the link so that it can be accessed in a click. So if there is a meeting and a colleague wants to share some notes, then using Gdocs is the best way to do it.

Flash drives are something that is extremely common to many teachers these days as most schools nowadays are already equipped with a projector that can be attached to a laptop or computer for lectures. Now there are times that some do not actually have flash drives with them at hand. So using this application is the best alternative as one can access files in the storage just by logging into a Gmail account.

Powerpoints are known to be extremely useful for the teaching profession. However, there are going to be some instances wherein the powerpoint that a teacher is using would have a few errors in it and he would have to go home to change it so he can use it again the next time. With Google Slides Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale , it is possible to change the error on the spot so that one does not have to change it later on.

There are a lot of teachers who would want to share the notes of a lecture with the students. However, this can be quite tedious as the teacher has to first get the emails of the students and input them into the massage and send the file. To save time, it is better to just put the notes in a Gdocs and share the link.

Of course there are teachers that are afraid that the students will change the contents. So in order to make sure this does not happen, he can actually make the document into a view only document. That way, those with the link can only view it and not edit.

So as one can see, Gdocs is extremely useful for anyone. It is easy to use, practical and also safe as well. This is definitely a piece of technology that can increase the productivity and efficiency of educators.

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