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In India Smart TVs will shortly be the future of television. The popular of internet-streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu allow you to watch hours of Movie Cheap NHL Jerseys , Serials & other channels television at a low price every month is only growing.

Evenif PCs and smartphones provide everyone's need these days in terms of power and portability but they can’t beat the large 3D TV technology with Smart function in terms of viewing experience in entertain media. It's be enough to say, the Smart TV that’s bring internet entertainment into your home theater realm.

So you thinking what are the best Smart TVs available though? There are many company now providing Smart TVs on market. The Brands like LG and Sony have been dominating the market on a comparatively regular basis and offer their own perks.
Below listed some top ten picks for Smart TVs to buy in India.
1) LG Smart Tv in India - LG 42LA6910

Since long years LG delivering an excellent Smart TV and the LG 42LA6910 is just another example. It comes in 37 inches the features a full HD resolution with 3D TV functionality which makes for grand viewing angles but for a vibrant range of colours as well.
Approximate Price: Rs. 79,067- In India

2) Sony Bravia LED TV in India - Sony Bravia KDL-55HX925

There’s no any other option that the Sony Bravia KDL-55HX925 is an expensive choice as far as Smart TVs go. It comes in 55 inches and include a full HD resolution but moreover the 3D functionality, it take improvement of Sony’s X-Reality PRO Engine. Various 3D function consist of a 3D comb filter and an integrated 3D sync to really deliver on the experience.
Approximate Price: Rs. 1,89,347

3) LG Smart Tv in India - LG 55LA6910
LG’s 3D viewing technology in Smart TV is an apex indentation. The LG 55LA6910 is oneof the such 3D TV and although it may seem slightly costly, you will get an excellent functionality like reduced flicker, passive 3D glasses, better intensity and brighter video, and much more.
Approximate Price: Rs. 1,15,600

4) Samsung Smart TV - Samsung D8000
May be Samsung isn’t familiar for its Smart TVs but the Samsung D8000 is a popular choice among the lot. Its design is sleek and slim at 55 inches with full HD resolution and 3D Hyperreal technology.
Approximate Price: Rs. 1,48 Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale ,716

5) Sony Bravia LED TV in India - Sony Bravia KDL-55W800A

Sony’s Bravia KDL-55W800A is a bit commercial choice from the other LED Smart TV though it still manage to gain the Rs. 1 lakh barrier. Apart from, Sony delivers some foremost beat for your buck. A 3D comb filter is implemented and passive 3D is used with the 55 inch, 1920×1080 resolution screen.
Approximate Price: Rs. 1,39,990

6) Sony Bravia KD-55X9004A

The Sony Bravia KD-55X9004A is a 4K resolution TV, which have a screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. To another match its Smart TV functionality, Sony has used an X-Reality Pro video processing engine, Motion flow XR 800 and LED backlighting.
Approximate Price: Rs. 1,98,000

7) LG 55LA6200

LG makes so many 3D TVs with Smart TV functionality that it’s often hard to tell the difference. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the LG 55LA6200 is its use of FPR 3D to ensure a better overall 3D experience with brighter images and colour quality (besides letting you convert 2D to 3D and 3D to 2D).
Approximate Price: Rs. 1,25,660

8) Samsung 40F6400
Samsung in the Smart TV industry introducing this 4-F6400 design to gain a eye catching screen. So nearby expensive Smart TVs with a heaping helping of features but what about the normal folk on a budget? The Samsung 40F6400 is a good choice and while it’s not satisfied at the closure with features, there’s still a lot to like.
Approximate Price: Rs. 59 Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale ,999

9) Samsung 55ES8000

Samsung offer a few premium Smart TVs seeing that being the top pick. This Samsung Smart TV 55ES8000 is comes in 55 inches with a full HD resolution and 3D support with Samsung’s Hyperreal Engine. In this Smart TV premium functionality includes like voice control and Skype video conferencing all along with web browsing. You’ll also have a straight choice of ports to choose from with 3 USB slots and 3 HDMI slots.
Approximate Price: Rs. 1,93,999
10) LG 47LM6200

Those looking for a best Smart TV, here choice with LG Smart TVs might find the LG 47LM6200 rather missing any more latest features but that’s only because it’s priced lower. This product is comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate, a 47 inch Edge LED screen with 1920×1080 resolution and a Triple XD Engine for video processing, it’s still one of the more feature packed full HD displays on the market.
Approximate Price: Rs. 93,104

All images are copyright of their respective brands.

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