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Baltimore Orioles Parker Bridwell Jersey shutout with 16 strikeouts

When Scherzer is truly firing on all cylinders, working relatively high pitch counts is the norm. From June 11-21, Scherzer made three starts in which he allowed just three earned runs in 23 1/3 innings. He struck out 31 while walking just four. His pitch counts in those games: 109, 118, 121. Remember his 20-strikeout game last season? He threw 119 pitches that game. In 2015, Scherzer threw a one-hit shutout with 16 strikeouts in which he needed 119 pitches and that came on the heels of a 116-pitch game. He closed that season with a 17-strikeout no-hitter (109 pitches) that followed outings with 122 and 113 pitches, respectively.

We could keep going, but the point here is clear. Scherzer is a pitcher that has a track record showing the ability to work very successfully past 110 pitches in an outing and doing so several consecutive outings.

Only three starts removed from a short stint on the disabled list, Scherzer wants to get back to that point in time for October. He's not there yet, as his command was totally off in the seventh inning Wednesday night. From his perspective, he needs to keep working up into that pitch-count range until he gets right and hopefully that happens before the playoffs begin. I see Baltimore Orioles Parker Bridwell Jersey no issue here, in fact, I love the gameplan.

Any arm fatigue is, frankly, of little concern. Scherzer and obviously the Nationals medical staff believe the arm can handle this. The track record says as much, too.


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